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Many years ago we have learned how to meditate and how to be aware of… »

Killing-free diet

Scientists discover Over the years the ever-curious scientists observed many phenomenons connected to meditation. Normally,… »


Prana means life energy, the breath of life. Yama means control. Pranayama is the control… »

Mantra & Japa

Repeating sacred sounds soulfully has many spiritual benefits, including increasing one’s peace, poise, and life-energy…. »

Power of the Heart

piritual heart – an engine transforming aspiration into progress. The spiritual heart is a place… »


Where does willpower come from? Let us try to focus for a while within ourselves…. »


Concentration is the arrow. Meditation is the bow. Learning to concentrate is an important first… »


Não ofenda nem em palavras nem em atos. Comoa com moderação. Viva no coração. Busque… »